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Corpus Paradoxe Body Oil is developed to provide significant Anti-Age treatment combined with a pleasant feeling of pampering. Corpus Paradoxe Body Oil penetrates quickly and gives renewed softness all over the body.
In addition to the immediate sensation of softness and freshness the ”near-medical” Anti-Age effect builds up a remarkable protection of the cells provided by the two highly active ingredients Resveratrol and Procyanidin – two substances reported in the medical science to provide life extension to cells. Corpus Paradoxe Body Oil is formulated with the perfect amount of these two ingredients to give the best treatment to the body.

Further the Corpus Paradoxe Body Oil contains two types of Vitamin E to provide even more anti-oxidative

Anti-Age effect and in order to emphasize the feeling of luxury a pleasant and dedicated fragrance is added.

Use Corpus Paradoxe Body Oil every day after showering – on moist skin. If even more moisture is desired then follow with a Beauté Pacifique Body Lotion.

Unique benefits
- Near medical Anti-Age effect
- Provides cellular defense against aggressive free radicals
- Leaves the skin silky soft
- Contains two types of Vitamin E
- Reduces pigmentation