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The D-FORCE products are breaking news in cosmetics. Lacking Vitamin D can now be channelled into the body via the normal pathway i.e. through the skin. Multiple recent scientific reports conclude that an alarming amount of the population in cold countries such as in north of Europe and the USA suffer from severe Vitamin D deficit and this have been linked to a large number of diseases.

Vitamin D is normally only synthesized in the skin as a result of sunlight exposure and so the reason for the deficit is simply that the awareness of sun induced skin cancers have changed the modern lifestyle to reduce the UV-light exposure dramatically. Our invention to provide the missing Vitamin D via nature´s owns pathway is the D-FORCE products - A novel idea based on unsaponified Avocado Oil - a rare vegetable source rich in natural Vitamin D.

- Provides natural Vitamin D supplementary to the skin’s own sun induced Vitamin D
- Contains two effective types of Vitamin A Esters fighting signs of aging and sun damage
- Contains two types of Vitamin E - acting as anti-oxidants
- Note: The product is not marketed as a drug - It is a cosmeceutical.