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The Line Combat Fluid complements the action of the Vitamin A Eye Creme. The Ceme transforms and rejuvenates the skin’s internal structure in full depth whereas the Line Combat Fluid works to iron out the topographic landscape.

A light emitting substance is added to help the bottom of deep furrows to appear less dark and less prominent.

The Line Combat Fluid irons out the skin’s folds and furrows - i.e. the expression lines caused by contraction of the underlying muscles.  Formulated to provide an effect similar to ironing a wrinkled shirt. The product has a dual muscle relaxing effect achieved by two different ingredients. One is a synthetic and modified snake venom that paralyzes the muscles and the other is a flower extract that blocks the neuro-transmission  going to the muscles – both of which leaves  the underlying expression muscles in-activated. A daily tool with a very appealing effect - somewhat similar to that of Botulinum Toxin. It is obviously less potent, but non-invasive and safe for home use. Please note that the effect is fully reversible if the skin is left untreated for a few days.

The optimal effect comes when the product is always applied twice. Apply at first by circular fingertip movements – allow the product to penetrate for a few minutes – and apply again but this time with zigzag motions across the lines. This technique will place the intended small amount of the light emitting ingredient at the bottom of the lines.

- Works as a Neuro-blocker
- Muscle relaxing/delineating like a mild Botulinum Toxin effect on expression lines
- Reduces the dark line appearance by adding light emission to deep lines and furrows
- Actively collagen firming and tightening of deep dermal tissues