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The unique combination of UV filters in STAY BEAUTIFUL efficiently protects against both UVA and UVB radiation. It prevents the sunburns and sun-damages that will otherwise age and damage the skin prematurely. On top of that, a strong antioxidant anti-age effect is provided from Resveratrol and
Procyanidines from our special Chilean Grape Seed Extract (GSPE) along with E-vitamin. The product does not contain parfume.

STAY BEAUTIFUL is a modern and luxurious sunscreen for face and décolleté with a double anti-age effect.

Unique Benefits
- High SPF (30)
- Double anti-age effect
- Prevents sunburns and sun damages
- Protects against UVA and UVB radiation

50 ml

Apply STAY BEAUTIFUL liberally and evenly on face and décolleté before being exposed to the sun. Reapply after bathing. Let the créme be well absorbed before putting on clothes, to avoid stains. Finish your day applying STAY COOL After Sun Lotion to add moisture and have a pleasant cooling relaxation.