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Submersive SERUM PARADOXE contains two biologically active ingredients, Resveratrol and Procyanidin, both extracted from grape seeds grown at the Andes hill sides in Chile, where the sun’s ultraviolet radiation is extremely intense and harmful to all exposed living organisms.

The effects on humans from Resveratrol and Procyanidin – the two very promising ingredients, are currently intensively researched by the pharmaceutical industry and many benefits have already been identified and published.

With Submersive SERUM PARADOXE Beauté Pacifique took advantage of this medical research and transferred the latest knowledge into the new SERUM providing a beautiful and healthy skin.

The cornerstone of Submersive SERUM PARADOXE is the unique, very high concentration of both Resveratrol and Procyanidin providing the cellular anti-damage effect.

The GSPE is mixed into a delivery system based on skin-compatible Squalane to both “re-fill” deficits of the skin’s own Squalane and make Submersive SERUM PARADOXE  “submerge” deeply into the skin and simultaneously filling open pores and camouflage imperfections at an instant.

Fast Benefits:
- The perfect base for a perfect make-up
- Improves visually large pores, uneven pigmentation and blushing skin tone.
- Adds a visible glow to your make-up

Long-term Benefits:
- The Serum’s sophisticated Chilean grape seed-extract (GSPE) provides amazing anti-age results  and  minimizes problems with  excessive redness (e.g. skin with a Rosacea-look)
- Provides cellular defense against aggressive free radicals.
- Contains skin-compatible Squalane to enable the SERUM to “submerge” deeply into the skin and “re-fill” Squalane that is lost previously in sun-damaged and aged skin.
- Contains two types of Vitamin E.