Christine Headwear B.B. BELINDA WIGLINER 1448-0628

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A comfortable and practical wigliner with 37.5® Technology,
which will leave your sensitive scalp feeling cool and refreshed
underneath your choice of head covering. The B.B. wigliner
has a slim silicone band to ensure a secure fit and is made
with a soft, see-through mesh piece down the front.
This, so you can wear your wig without having to worry
about the liner being visible underneath.

- 37.5® Technology wigliner
- Helps maintain a core temperature of 37,5-degrees on the covered area
- Soft and comfortable to wear
- No irritating seems
- Comfortable silicone strip for better fitting
- See-through mesh piece at the front

63% Wool, 37% Polyester w. 37.5® Technology