Christine Headwear CHRISTINE TOP 1450-0628

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The Christine underwear top is a unique and comfortable underwear piece developed with both intelligent features and materials.
Comfort in clothing, underwear in particular, is often dictated by your body temperature. It can, however, be difficult to maintain a balance at 37.5-degrees when our body goes through changes, either due to surgery, treatment for critical illnesses or when suffering Alopecia. It can be hard to control the hot and cold
flushes that makes is so uncomfortable, but this top will help you!
The 37.5® Technology used in the fabric material helps control your core temperature, regulates it and will keep you in the optimal 37.5-degree comfort zone at all times.
For further comfort and convenience, we’ve constructed the top so you can get dressed without having to pull it over your head,
which can be difficult when having gone through a breast or under arm surgery. The neck line is beautifully placed and has
an elegant and feminine silky satin trim.
A truly comfortable and practical top made particularly for your wellbeing.

- 37.5® Technology underwear
- Helps maintain a core temperature of 37,5-degrees
- Soft and comfortable
- Available in a neutral nude colour
- The top can be opened at the left shoulder for easier fitting

63% Wool, 37% Polyester w. 37.5® Technology