It is our goal to ensure that our collections are just as fashionable and trendy as any other fashion collection, and we have been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some of Denmark's top designers.

We are proud to show our collaboration with these professional and highly respected designers in making a difference to the lives of thousands of women battling critical illness and hair loss.


In 2008 we collaborated with Danish fashion designer Malene Birger on a charity campaign. Christine Headwear donated part of the income of every scarf sold to the charity foundation Kræftens Bekæmpelse in Denmark (The Danish Cancer Society).
"My work is my passion. My designs reflect where I am in my life." With these words we are honoured to present Malene Birger, one of Denmark's absolute top designers, as the woman behind this beautiful silk and cotton scarf.
Malene Birger has made a name for herself in both Danish and international fashion over the last 10 years. Her exclusive design is international, classic and elegant, but always with a twist. This scarf in a subdued, elegant colour scheme can be used for any occasion.
"I have also bought Christine scarves for a friend who lost her hair. If I can help women through my profession as a designer and make them feel better about themselves during a difficult period of their lives, I am more than happy to do so. I am thrilled to be able to help."
- Malene Birger


Susanne Rützou is a renowned Danish designer, and in 2005 she designed a beautiful scarf for Christine Headwear. Her style is easily recognisable with classical feminine lines in soft materials. The feminine and sophisticated scarf quickly became very popular among our customers.

Part of the revenue was donated to The Danish Cancer Society.



In 2016 we are so privileged to be working with renowned photographer and former supermodel Helena Christensen on an international charity campaign. Proceeds from this campaign will be donated to the international charity program Look Good Feel Better in 13 countries worldwide.
Look Good Feel Better is an organisation that helps women with cancer feel better about themselves and their looks. Please go to to read more.
“It’s been an honour designing these scarves for women who suffer from serious diseases or undergo harsh treatments where they end up losing their hair.
I’ve always loved wearing scarves wrapped around my hair, and I have a whole collection of lovely vintage scarves. The print I designed is a reproduction of a photograph I took of a blooming cherry tree during spring in New York City, when all flora and fauna yet again unfold and spread positive energy.
I felt the graphic looking branches with the tiny sprouting leaves worked well for the visual effect. I feel happy looking at these scarves, and I hope women will feel happy wearing them.”
- Helena Christensen