What should I look for when buying headwear?

What are you looking for?

A product that’s easy to fit and style

If you are looking for an easy option of headwear, maybe your first head covering, we recommend the Christine Headwear turbans. They are easy to fit and demand hardly no styling once fitted. If you struggle to raise your arms due to an operation, it is possible to fit the turban by leaning forward and putting it on and making the small adjustments needed. You do not necessarily need a mirror to style the turbans, as we have pre-styled them for you.

My own individual look

If you would like to style your headwear and give it your own touch, we recommend the Mantra scarf. If you choose the printed Mantra scarf, it has a solid colour on one side and a beautiful print on the other, which makes it reversible and very versatile. It has long ribbons and endless styling possibilities. Tie the ribbons low by your neck letting the ends hang loose for a relaxed and elegant look, or twist and turn them around your scalp to create more volume and a unique contemporary look. The Mantra scarf comes in many colours and prints.

Something to use for sports

Every Christine Headwear turban and scarf is constructed to fit perfectly and stay in place at all times. If you prefer to wear printed and vibrant headwear when exercising, go ahead and choose from our large range of beautiful prints.

However, if you prefer to wear a one-coloured turban, we recommend you look through our Active Wear collection. A good choice is the Yoga turban. It has a simple construction and is one of our most popular headwear models. All the products in our Active Wear range will provide you with a comfortable, breathable and moisture absorbent headwear solution perfect for any sport.