Male Headwear B.B. BENNETT CAP - SUN  1335-0318
Male Headwear B.B. BENNETT CAP - SUN  1335-0318

Male Headwear B.B. BENNETT CAP - SUN 1335-0318

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The functional B.B. Bennett Cap – Sun is an absolute must-have during the spring/summer months. This smart and classy cap is suitable to wear during any outdoor activity. The cap is made slightly longer at the back, so men with hair loss won’t feel to bare around the neck. Further, it’s got a broad and soft brim that provides perfect shade to the sensitive skin and eye area. The sun hat of course provides a UPF 50+ protection.  The B.B. Bennett Cap - Sun is part of our Body Balance series and has been developed to maintain a core temperature at 37.5 degrees. This unique fabric feature captures and releases moisture vapour and even dries up to 5 times faster than similar products without the technology. Due to the 37.5® Technology used, the turban has a cooling effect against the skin and will work with your body climate to ensure a core temperature of 37.5 degree. A fantastic and revolutionary choice of headwear. Because of the technology features, the sun hat is also suitable to use indoors without it getting too warm and uncomfortable.

- Beautiful classic details
- Extremely comfortable to wear
- Light cap with broad brim
- Breathable
- Moisture capture and release function
- Unique licenced 37.5® Technology fabric feature
- UPF 50+ Sun protection /- Will keep you cool when warm and comfortable and warm when the body gets cold                                                                                                                        

The revolutionary 37.5® Technology used in this unique Christine Headwear collection has resulted in a headwear line lighter and more advanced than ever seen. The 37.5® Technology works with the body’s natural mechanisms in order to maintain a balanced core temperature at 37.5 degrees.
It even dries up to five times faster than similar products without the technology and quickly releases moisture vapour, leaving you in an optimal comfort zone at all times. The active particles used to form this technology are derived from natural sources such as coconut shells and volcanic minerals.

63% Wool, 37% Polyester
w. 37.5® Technology
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Christine Headwear is a range of Danish designed high quality headwear products made to provide women with a real choice in hair coverings, and the opportunity to feel beautiful during a difficult time.

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