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The Puppy turban is constructed to fit the child as a comfortable night cap. It’s made of the super comfortable and soothing Christine Headwear Caretech® Milk fabric. It has no irritating seems, which makes it a good choice for night time or when the child has to stay in bed.

The milk fibres makes this turban breathable, moisture absorbent, comfortable, soft and is know to have a soothing lotion effect on dry and sensitive skin.  

This is a uni-sex model.

Available in 2-5 years & 6-12 years

- Night time turban
- Same advantages as soft wool
- Tight and comfortable fitting
- No irritating seams
- Will keep the child warm when it's cold and cool the skin down when it's hot
- Know to have a lotion effect on the skin
- Soothing against sensitive and dry skin

65% Cotton, 30% Milk, 5% Spandex