At Christine Headwear our approach towards designing headwear is clear: Our collections must be as attractive as anything you would find on a fashion runway.

Be yourself

Our goal is to make women feel just as fashionable and sophisticated with headwear as they did when they had hair. We design two collections a year with many prints, details and colours that are completely in tune with what you see on the runways of large fashion houses.

We want the women, who choose to wear our scarves and turbans, to feel as confident, stylish and ‘normal’ as possible in the course of their disease when everything else feels different and ‘abnormal’.

You should be able to feel like yourself, even in time of illness.


As with clothes fashion, also headwear fashion follows tendencies from around the world. Our designers observe and adjust current fashion trends to make beautiful headwear styles that match any high street fashion design.

The designers find inspiration on the fashion runways and in nature where flowers, leaves, sand and the sea inspire beautiful prints. Knowing how important it is to have the right colour close to your face, each colour in our collection is carefully selected and matched to give our customers a wide variety to choose from. We always choose beautiful colours that will complement different eye colours and bring focus to the eyes. There is something for every taste and every skin tone in our collections.

Two annual collections

Each year we design two annual collections: the Sun Wear collection or our Knit Wear collection following the seasons: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. In addition to these two collections, we have a stylish basic collection called Soft Line collection, which is always in stock. The basic collection consists of a range of our most popular models and comes in a large variation of colours, giving the woman the possibility to choose exactly the colour that suits her.