We are happy to share these testimonials from some of the women who wear our products. There are as many stories out there as there are women, and these are just a few. We feel blessed to hear your stories and how Christine Headwear has helped women of all ages to feel like themselves after they have lost all or parts of their hair. We are proud to have so many Christine Headwear ambassadors out there. If you would like to share your story with other women in your situation, please write to us at info@christineheadwear.dk.
My name is Susanne and on the pictures here you can see me wearing my favourite turbans from Christine Headwear.

When I bought the green turban from Boho Spirit I named it ‘the party turban’ because it is so colourful and vibrant. It seems I have that party feeling a lot as I use it all the time. It makes me so happy when I wear it and I often get comments on how nicely it suits me.

The grey Lotus Turban from Christine Headwear is so beautiful and comfortable to wear, and I really like the volume the flower creates on the one side.

Susanne Svendsen, Denmark
“Your hats have been such a comforting AND fashionable thing for me to have to wear since I lost my hair due to Alopecia! I mean it when I say that none of the other brands come even close to the comfort level that your hats have. Thank you for making such high quality products that also look so great for those of us without hair”.

Gretchen Mueller, Neenah, Wisconsin
No one loves being a hair-challenged woman… or man. It is not what I wished for at Christmas nor for my birthday. But here it is. My twin brother lost all of his hair numerous times from 9 years old to his late twenties. When he lost all of it again, it stayed gone… I think folks believe that men have it easier being bald - but it was not easy for him and still - after so many years of being a proud handsome bald man - he gets uneasy or feels „different“.

I was really hoping I would not be his true „twin“. We look alike but I did not want to look THAT much like him :) However, after thyroid cancer - and radiation - my hair all fell out. Just like that - Boom! Gone. Eyelashes … eyebrows … all of it. Now… I luckily get to pick the color of my wig... the hat I choose to wear and the hair or no-hair days… However, being bald DOES have its advantages… don’t let anyone tell you differently. After 9 years - I’m still figuring the ways it’s a positive.

But I still suffered every day … do I wear a wig - a cap with hair or go bald.  I bought the beautiful Freedom Hair Wigs … LOTS of money but BOY do you feel WHOLE in those things. NORMAL. But the days I wanted to play tennis or walk the dogs - and it was hot - the wigs just made me miserable.  I wanted to look „normal“ or feminine but no hat worked … they were too big or too bulky or made me look MORE BALD. Then… I found you. And OMG ... your caps ...!!!!!  

My journey was tough… but when I found your hats - it was pretty much a long sigh of relief. I have gifted your hats to friends going through chemo - coming out of chemo, radiation, alopecia … whatever the reason.  Everyone single one has said how amazing the caps/hats are and how happy they are - as I am - to have a cover that is both SPF AND gorgeous.  My good friend who went through breast cancer wore it as her hair was growing in on her trip to Cabo.  She said it was the best accessory she had!

I now go to the store with my cute hat on and look just fine.  I play tennis - I walk the dogs and I share my story with more people. Because no matter how healthy I appear - I still get asked ... what my treatment is - how long have I had cancer … from really nice folks but - I’m good. I’m healthy and your caps help me be ME.  

Thank you - from the very bottom of my heart.  You are lovely people and always so kind when I call or email to ask about something or to order. Really lovely and again - I’m so thankful.  

Rebecca Strobel, 54 Years Young, Golden Colorado, USA
"I have used Christine Headwear scarves since 2005. I have alopecia (patchy hair loss), and I do not expect that my hair will grow back. At first I was pretty upset about losing my hair. I have always lost my hair in patches and then it has grown back out. But when I started losing all my hair at the age of 21 it made me very sad, and when I cut off the last sad wisps of hair in front of the mirror I thought, "That's the end of that; nobody will find me attractive anymore, and I will end up being single.”

I wore a wig for a year and was always very conscious about it. I had to pay extra attention when taking off a hat, and one day my fringe melted when I had to get a cake out of the oven. And wearing a wig was very uncomfortable, it was itchy and hot in summer.

Then I read an article about a woman who had cancer and wore some beautiful scarves. “I want a scarf like that”, I thought to myself, and from that day I have worn scarves. Wearing a scarf helped me. First of all, because they were comfortable to have on, and secondly because people could immediately see that I was not like everyone else, and I no longer had to pretend that I had hair and was like other 22-year-old girls. I did not end up being single, I found my prince, and now we are married with two children.

I almost always wear scarves now. I got married wearing a scarf, I do exercise wearing a scarf, and I go to work wearing a scarf. it’s not a big thing in my life anymore, and I often forget that I wear a scarf. To me it’s so natural to wear a scarf. My children are used to the fact that I’m bald and tell their friends at school and kindergarten that I’m bald because I lost my hair, if any of the other kids ask them.

Wearing a scarf is my signature style: I’m the one with the wild name and the beautiful scarves!

I hope other women will like the scarves as much as I do and remember that beauty is not in the hair but in the person."

Ivalo Andreassen, Denmark

They are so comfortable, so nice to wear, and so I wanted to thank you for designing these kinds of caps! It helps a lot to get over the psychological issues!

I do feel GREAT when I'm wearing this cap! It's completely 'my style' and that is such a wonderful thing when having to go through the healing processes.

Martine Bos, Belgium

Words can never express how truly grateful I am to all members of Christine Headwear for doing a great job.

I’ve been through some tough times and all the changes that were happening to me during the cancer treatment worried me. Hair loss was naturally one of these, so I put all my effort into finding scarves that would make me feel comfortable and good-looking despite circumstances.

I found Christine Headwear and suddenly buying scarves and turbans became a new addiction. I received many compliments from my friends, doctors as well as from complete strangers. Your beautiful products brought me so much comfort and confidence when I was going through a difficult period of life. I can’t thank you enough.

Adéla Kopecká, Czech Republic
"I was introduced to Christine Headwear during my treatment for cancer, where I lost all my hair. At first I used my own scarves, but soon found out it took far too long to style these scarves and they were often too warm as well, due to the artificial fibres.

I have been very happy using both the turbans and the scarves from Christine Headwear. It was nice that I did not have to spend time thinking about whether it was fitted correctly, if it covered enough or was about to fall off. It’s easy to see and feel on the headwear that Christine Headwear has cared a lot for the details and the construction of the headwear. The bamboo turbans were especially easy to wear during the day, so comfortable to wear and they did not require much time to style. The scarves are super easy to tie and you almost can’t do it wrong. They just fitted me so well. I used the scarves during the day as well, but it was nice to have something special for parties and going out in general.

I would definitely recommend the headwear to others in the same situation. It makes a huge difference that it fits properly, is nice to wear and not too difficult to put on – Christine Headwear met all the requirements”

Lene Jensen, Denmark

"Christine Headwear" fashionable, comfortable, safe to wear and match with a beautiful makeup and beautiful ear rings

You will certainly not go unnoticed... I searched different websites and tried different brands but nobody is like Christine .... above all in style and quality... I was hesitant in the use of turbans but since I discovered Christine I don't feel sick now it's a habit ... I love it!!!

Xo xo Emanuela Balduani, Italy