Winter Wear

When the beautiful autumn season arrives and the air gets colder and more windy it's time to cover ourselves with warm and comfortable headwear. The Winter Wear Collection from Christine Headwear consists of an elegant selection of warm and fashionable knitwear made fom the finest wool, cashmere and cotton fabrics.  The headwear is constructed to keep the head warm and covered at all times and due to the unique constructions on these warm hats they are guarenteed to stay in place even during windy weather.  

The stylish Winter Wear collection is a fine mix of colours, qualities and designs suitable to fit any warderobe and lifestyle.


A lot of our identity lies in our hair, and when women suffer from serious disease and the treatment causes them to lose their hair, they fight not only to survive, but also to maintain a feeling of normality, femininity and dignity.

Christine Headwear is a range of Danish designed high quality headwear products made to provide women with a real choice in hair coverings, and the opportunity to feel beautiful during a difficult time.

It is important to us that women find inspiration in our products and that they feel comfortable, fashionable and confident when wearing them. Our modern headwear designs focus on versatility, trends and fitting. All Christine Headwear hair covering styles are tailored to provide volume and fullness to a head without hair and to create a secure and comfortable fit and a graceful silhouette.

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